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Aariya Rafi
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The CEO is responsible for ensuring that your company produces the expected results, for creating the sustainability initiatives that are required for your company to continue to exist in the future, for complying with all the regulatory, ethical and operational regulations that are necessary to achieve its objective. CEO cares as much about what as how. You have to be aware of all this and even sales, operations, customer service and the performance of your collaborators, among other aspects. He is the one who has the Aerial Vision of the organization and determines the strategy to reach it.

Types of CEO Leadership

When it comes to a company that is starting operations, has little income and is in the process of positioning itself in the market, the CEO has a very commercial and aggressive vocation since he has to go to the market to position his company, his brand. A very commercial profile is what is required in these cases. However, when it comes to a company already consolidated and positioned in the market, the CEO plays a role of administrator; that is, it does not have such a commercial profile. In short, the CEO’s leadership style adapts to the reality of the company or to what the company is experiencing at the time.

CEO challenges in the current context

Based on various studies that have been carried out regarding what companies should look for to achieve the sustainability of their companies in the 21st century and now, that in 2020 we are going to enter a new decade:

An extraordinary experience with your client.

The CEO has to make sure that his external customers are not only satisfied with the product or service he provides but that they have a very positive experience of having bought from him, that they are delighted.

Capture the best existing talent and generate a great experience for the collaborator.

You must create such an environment within the company that the experience of the collaborator is very good to be able to retain them, to develop their people and so that their personnel has the weapons so that, in turn, they make the customer experience excellent.

Digitization of the company.

The CEO has to create innovative environments; it has to seek to constantly innovate, as the world is moving very fast, hand in hand with this new digital context.

Currently, CEOs lack any of these three aspects, two or, in the most serious cases, all three. In my experience, some CEOs I have met do not see any benefit to the collaborator experience part, so they do nothing about it. I also see others who are concerned about the external customer experience but do not define any initiative in this regard; While others are not even remotely close to creating innovation environments; They feel that the business works financially and they go that far.

Likewise, the CEO should not neglect the cultural aspect of his organization. You have to identify what is the culture of your company. In this sense, culture is the quality of the land where we are going to sow our best seed (the people and talents that make up our organization) to reap what we really want.

In conclusion, the CEO is the vertex of the company, the person whose actions will “bathe” the entire organization. Investing in properly choosing and developing the CEO of an organization guarantees business results.

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