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Aariya Rafi
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Success is like buying shoes, not everyone fits the same size and not everyone looks good. Success becomes a subjective and personal concept, however, the time has taken care to add more things to the concept. The definition of success is not the same as it was thought 100 years ago, today the key lies in one word: comprehensive. A master of holistic success is Richard Branson, known for his great ability to undertake, the best example of how to achieve success through innovation, creativity, and effort. With more than 360 companies that make up the Virgin Group — brand of which it is creator and founder -, this character provides us with the ten keys to achieve success in a comprehensive way. Pay attention!

1. Follow your dreams and do it

The best way to live happily is to find the middle way between obligations and our passions. It is true that, sometimes, the necessities force to make immediate decisions, without thinking about what we really want, but do not worry, you are not the only one that happens. Many successful entrepreneurs started out working on something they didn’t like or something they were bad at, however, this is not an impediment to relocating goals and finding ways to get to it.

“Be objective and consistent, this will help you set small, substantial and measurable parameters.”

If you already know what you want … don’t hesitate, do it!

2. Make a difference and do something good

“If you are not making a positive difference in other people’s lives, then you shouldn’t be in business. Businesses have a responsibility to make a difference in the world, with their staff, for their customers, and with the world, “says Branson.

3. Believe in your ideas and do your best

Similar ideas may exist in the market, but when a brand is backed by trust, the customer knows it. Branson ensures that believing in your product, brand or goal is one of the best cover letters, so you will not only create impact, you will also add people who believe in what you believe through trust.

4. Have fun and take care of your team

We talk about comprehensive success, and far from what it seems, characters like Branson look for it at all costs. Being an entrepreneur is not synonymous with excessive meetings, a few hours to sleep, mountains of slopes or zero time with the family. This tycoon says that fun is a fundamental part of the recipe for success, “if you don’t have fun in what you do, it’s probably time to drop everything and look for something else.” Your team is as important as your company, you must make sure that they also love what they do and have fun doing it, if you do not seek this integrity in your staff, rest assured that your company will be unsuccessful.

5. Never give up

If it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work! Something to keep in mind, and not only in the world of sports, everything good needs effort, so giving up is not an option. This lover of business and sports ensures that he always gets a good experience from what might seem lost. Try it!

6. Always write it down and keep putting challenges in your life

Many entrepreneurs claim that the first thing they do when they wake up and the last thing before bed is a to-do list, Branson also recommends. Be sure to write down each of the ideas that come out of your mind, from the most creative moment to the least desirable moment. And as they say, it is useless to write it without putting it into action. When there is a specific objective, most of the ideas tend to match to perfect it, so do not discard any and seek to execute them, one by one. Put them into action!

7. Spend time with your family and learn to delegate

They go together, one with another. When we learn to trust our collaborators, we also learn to delegate important tasks. Delegating goes beyond finding someone who can do what I do, it is about leading teams trained enough that they do better things than ourselves, that is the purpose of delegating. And when we succeed, the consequence lies in investing time in our families and in our person. It will not only help us feel happy but also find an integral part of our success.

8. Turn off the TV and go do something

One of the greatest tips. On many occasions, the solution to our tiredness is a relaxing dinner and the continuation of a television series, for this businessman, life has much more science fiction than the winners of the Golden Globe. “Instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer, turn them off.”

There are so many fascinating people to meet, exciting adventures to undertake and rewarding challenges to take on, there is no time to waste.

9. When people speak ill of you, it only shows that they are wrong

Just ignore it! You do not need people who have a bad perception of you or who do not believe in your goals and efforts, make sure they are not within your plans and if you can not avoid it, just ignore their comments. There are people who envy your success, stay away from them.

10. Choose a day for yourself

Make sure you do it, learn that to be well with others you need to be well with yourself in an integral way. Choose one day a week and do what you love the most or what you always wanted. If you think it is a lot, do not worry, start once a month, then every fifteen days and then weekly, but remember that this moment is for you.

What are your keys to success? What do you recommend to have complete success?

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