Need a ride to your hometown this Diwali

Aariya Rafi
4 min readOct 27, 2016


This startup would take you safely home this diwali.

Well if you live far from your city in Delhi NCR, you must be planning your trip to your home town this weekend. Your parents would be calling you day and night to get your seats reserved and be on time.

Have you done the reservation?

If you are as lazy when it comes to getting the tickets and now you are caught up either to travel in bus or to skip the plan. Well, this startup has surely got your back. ePoolers have come up with the ride-sharing platform across cities.

Yes!!! You heard it right.

So if you are planning to go home this weekend or planning to go by car and want to split the cost.

Just do it in few simple steps.

Download ePoolers from Play Store or iTunes.

What is ePoolers?

ePoolers is a platform where you can pool your vehicles.

You can pool not only your car but your two wheeler too. So Cool!!!!

So if you have a sports bike and want to make some money out of it, well list your vehicle and you might end up finding a partner sharing your ride and also saving extra bucks. Travelling does not sound that costly now, Right?

What’s different than OTHER ride sharing platform?


This is one of its kind startup.

Apart from the bike sharing platform, you can choose people or the fellow riders based upon your interests. So if you want to discuss about Virat hitting a century or Narendra Modi’s next speech. You should surely go for this platform.

Also if you are a girl and want to be extra secure and likes to travel with females, well this platform is absolutely for you. You can choose your partner on the basis of gender and interests.Also, you can save some extra bucks as you pay as per the vehicle mileage and as per the number of riders. PAY FOR THE DISTANCE YOU TRAVEL.

Cashless Transaction?

ePoolers have collaborated with MobiKwik and are offering the cashless transaction. You do not want to end up in the hustle of arranging the change for the ride. You pay to exact amount of the ride.

Also if there is any cancellation or refund of fare, it surely gets backs to your MobiKwik wallet and you can use the money the way you want to.For first customers, ePoolers are also offering 100% cashback to the wallet on your first ride.

First enjoy the service and if you like it then only start paying. Also on completion of first five rides you would be given five liters of petrol for your vehicle. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Road Side Assistance?

They provide road side assistance services to all their Poolers.

Yes!! This startup has tied up with Crossroads to offer Free 24X7 roadside assistance to all Poolers.

God forbid if you have a flat tire, well you keep sitting in your car and they would take care of everything, Amazing!!

So you can hope for a safe travel.

This startup is surely changing the way you travel in capital city.

It interesting to see lot of competition entering into travel space.

Traveling is something that has been taken up as a challenge by many entrepreneurs. Ola, Uber have already made a mark in the cab aggregation industry.

However, there has not been a single major player when it comes to the vehicle pooling

platform. There have been many attempts in the past like RideO, BlaBla Car. BlaBla Car has started its operations around in Middle East and Brazil. But the throne of major player and problem solver of traveling in the capital still remains unclaimed.

This warfare between different startups to be the best ride sharing platform is surely benefiting the travelers the most. Entrepreneurs are trying it hard to welcome the users on-board and it has led to the improvements in customer service. Startups invest a lot in providing the first class services to their clients.

So next time you have to leave for your office, try finding a ride or rider with ePoolers, you might end up getting a ride partner of your interests and might not affect your pocket badly.

This would surely benefit the common people who would be enjoying the perks of the entrepreneurs’ and VC money.



Aariya Rafi

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