How Jeff Lopes increased his Value in Entrepreneurial Podcast World

Aariya Rafi
3 min readDec 2, 2020

Jeff Lopes is a successful entrepreneur who has been the backbone behind many companies like Kimurawear and Trueblue Homes. His innate passion for entrepreneurship and coaching has led him to start his Podcast called the Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast.

Jeff Lopes has successfully balanced his businesses, his duties of being a father to two beautiful kids, Podcast, and his health sublimely. In a candid interview with us, we ask Jeff Lopes some questions about himself and how he manages to do it all.

Tell us about yourself and what is it exactly that you do.

My name is Jeff Lopes, and I always had a keen eye for business and entrepreneurship. So, I started at a young age. You would be surprised to know I registered and started operating my business before I turned 17!

All my companies have been born out of passion or interest. Usually, this interest was relevant to what I was doing at that time. You would probably not be wrong to assume that I have faced many failures in my life. But I always took something out of those failures and tried to avoid them in my next venture.

What is your Motivation?

Well, for me, my Motivation has always been my Purpose. I always wanted to get something done, and if I set my mind on a venture or an idea, I always wanted to see it come to fruition. These are the same values I try to install in my children as well. As I run my Podcast as well as being a father, I understand that I have a broad audience I can cater to.

So, besides my Entrepreneurial Coaching, I try always to teach the importance of Purpose and how having goals and passions in your life are of paramount importance. Without them, I would probably not be the person I am today.

Any Advice for Young Entrepreneurs?

Hustle, always. Never forget your passion and always keep working towards it no matter what happens. As a proud father, the thing that makes me happiest is knowing my children will see a happy and satisfied dad with what he is doing. This is because I chose to convert my passion into a profitable business.

Always remember to set up reasonable goals that you think you can reach.

Whether it be sales, profit, or marketing, your metric of judging your success keeps them reasonable, short, and do-able. This will ensure that you are always motivated for the next milestone rather than being anxious about the long journey ahead of you.

How do you keep a perfect work-life balance?

It would help if you always had your priorities in your head. For me, as a father, that has always been my Children and my Wife. I believe that no matter how exhausted you feel if your child asks you to do something, you ought to drop whatever you are doing and do it right there and then.

You should plan family activities with your children, try to take time out for yourself, and always have a passion project that inspires you. For me, that has been the Jeff Knows Inc Podcast and my Entrepreneurial Coaching.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Currently, I am building a lovely 16-acre resort in Ontario, Canada. It is supposed to be finished by summer 2021. I am excited to see how I will develop in the next 12 months at both a personal and business level.

My brand is going well, and it works wonders with my Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast. I hope to be a wonderful father and provide my Entrepreneurial Coaching services to all those who need it.

Where can our audience connect with you?

I allow myself to be very accessible to fellow entrepreneurs; I am always eager to pass on my knowledge and to also take in a lesson or two. I can be reached directly by email.

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